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LET’S BE HONEST. I’m a talker. I can’t help it. I’ve always been the one to strike up conversation with the counter clerk at the coffee shop or the lady on the next bike at spin class. I’m always digging deep into my friends’ lives and I love the messy side of life.

So, bring it on. Ask me anything.


Hey Meg: My 2nd baby was born 2 months ago. My husband is all over me. How do I deal with this? 

– Sleepless in Seattle Mom, Katherine G.

LET’S BE HONEST…tell dad he’s just going to have to wait! I always told my husband that I had to wait til I got the doctors “OK” to do the deed. Well, the “OK” doesn’t need to come for a few months and by that time you will get some rest. Oh and be sure to have a glass of wine. It will make you relax a little and go right to bed after. 


Hey Momma Meg: How do you handle it when your daughters fight?

– Battle in Boston, Bree C.

LET’S BE HONEST…I have two girls and I know all about the girl fights. I stop the fighting instantly and tell the girls to look at one another and say these simple words to one another: “You’re my best friend.” They might not feel it at that very moment, but it helps turn their brains off from fight mode. I then make them go their separate ways until they’ve cooled off.


Hey Meg: Where can I find a cute Saturday night outfit on a budget?

– Sassy in San Francisco, Kim L.

LET’S BE HONEST…My go-to place for something sassy, cute and CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP (did I say CHEAP) is ZARA or H&M. I want to look hip, but definitely don’t want to break the bank on something that might go out of style the next day. When someone compliments me, I’m that person who loves to quote the price. I got it for $19.99.  There’s something so gratifying about it. Plus, both of these stores have a wide range of sizing which this Momma likes!


Hey Meg: I’m coming to New York for a getaway with my husband. We live in Texas. Where should we go? It’s our first time in the city.

– A Little Bit Country, Carolyn C.

LET’S BE HONEST….if it’s the holiday season you MUST go to Rockefeller Center and check out the gorgeous Christmas tree and go ice skating. Bundle up, grab some hot chocolate and take in all the holiday cheer. However, if you are coming another time of year then you definitely need to go to the Great Lawn in Central Park, try to score Shakespeare in the Park tickets (summer only), and grab a romantic cocktail at the Refinery Rooftop (spectacular views of the Empire State Building at night). I could go on and on because I love this city so much. Bon Voyage!